Our Projects

Our Happy Block 'proper' is located on SE Woodstock and SE Martins between 80th - 82nd Avenues
But our Initiative includes the larger surrounding community.

  1. Closed the SE Martins street driveways into the Calvary parking lot. Added sidewalks and planting strips where the concrete was removed. There is more on-street parking for the Martins Street Condos, and cars will be prevented from using the parking lot as a shortcut street through the block. Criminal activity has been deterred by lessening the points of entry and exit.
    Thanks to PDC Community Livability Grant for funding. 
     see construction photos

  2. Our Happy Block planted 33 street trees along SE Woodstock and SE Martins to beautify our streets, reduce traffic noise and improve air quality. Partner: Friends of Trees
    see photos

  3. New Native Plant Learning Garden (105 new native tree, shrubs and grasses.) Volunteers worked together to plant this 1,000 square foot garden. Thanks to EMSWCD SPACE grant for the funding.  watch video

  4. Depaved approximately 4,300 square feet of asphalt (Thanks DePave and EMSWCD PIC Grant)

  5.  Added a Mural to the West Facing Wall of McCollum Automotive; Tim Janchar and Terah Beth B. Varga collaborated on the design. Thanks to the SE Uplift Graffiti Abatement Grant. 

  6. Added Rain Gardens (infiltration basins) to treat all parking lot storm water runoff. There is currently 17,000 sq. ft. of impenetrable asphalt. (374,000 gallons of stormwater runoff enters the city's sewer system per year.)

  7. Add a landscape strip filled with trees, shrubs, grasses down the center of the lot (north/south).

  8.  Landscaped along the east side of the parking lot, the property boundary shared with McCollum Auto Body. Landscaping will be added in front of the chain-link fence (with barbed wire) , so that the auto shop's tires and cars (eventually) aren't visible from neighbors homes. (Thanks BES CWSP grant for the funding!)
  9. Irrigated the new plantings  (Thanks BES CWSP grant for the funding!)

  10.  Mulched (Thanks BES CWSP grant for the funding!)

Future Phases:
  • Neighborhood Garden
  • Add additional lighting to the parking lot to deter criminal activity.