About OHB

Our Happy Block is a Southeast Portland Neighborhood Coalition formed to improve livability through sustainable community (re)design and volunteer projects.

Our Happy Block 'proper' is located on SE Woodstock and SE Martins between 80th - 82nd Avenues
But our Initiative includes the larger surrounding community.

Completed Projects include:
Love-Bomb Mural, Parking lot depave and redesign, Native Plant Learning Garden, Stormwater Rain Gardens, Street Trees, and an ongoing Neighborhood watch

Our Initiative transformed the Neighborhood and Calvary Church parking-lot into a safe, beautiful and ecologically friendly area!

We'd like to thank all of our community partners and volunteers for encouragement and funding!
We so much appreciate your generosity!

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This was written before we actually did all the work:
Community Need: A Livable Community
This project will provide significant improvements in what is currently a huge, ugly, dangerous parking lot.  The area has a high rate of criminal activity, is in environmental distress, and is at the heart of a dense residential area with small businesses. The neighborhood has organized and created a Coalition to turn this eyesore into a community resource. With a direct view of the parking lot shared by over 25 separate residences, 4 businesses, a church, community organizations, 2 major bus routes, a designated bike lane, and major foot traffic... this Community Livability Project will bring a great sense of relief and empowerment to the broader community.
Community Benefit: Improved Quality of Life
  • Reduce crime rate (saving enormous amount of resources that would otherwise be spent on law enforcement)
  • Make a more livable community
  • Promote environmental stewardship and educates the public about storm water solutions.
  • Beautify neighborhood 
  • Provide safer and more attractive off-street parking, day and night, for the various users.
  • Addition of on-street parking for Martins Street Condos
  • Provide a safer environment for children playing in the area  
  • Support strong partnerships between businesses, residents, and community organizations
  • Increase community involvement and social capital
  • Introduce native plants to the neighborhood
  • Stimulate investment in the area
  • Revitalization of commercial and residential areas in surrounding area
  • Neighboring residents and businesses will directly benefit from:
    - Increased safety
    - 4 additional on-street parking spaces just across from Martins St. Condos
    - Beautifying views for businesses, pedestrians
    bicyclists, and existing homes
    - Improving 600 linear feet of streetscape on Woodstock Blvd and Martins Street
Environmental Impact:
  • Infiltration Basins will  eliminate 374,000 s.f. of annual storm water runoff thus reducing discharge of untreated sewage into Willamette River - Improving watershed health
  • Improve Soil and Water Quality
  • New 'naturescape' will improve habitat conditions for birds and insects
  • Decreases urban heat island effect by removing asphalt and adding shade trees and vegetation
    (4,300 s.f. of asphalt will be removed (depaved) and recycled)