Feb 26, 2013

Speed Weeding this Thursday 4-6pm

If you are available this Thursday (Feb. 28th) please join us at 4:00pm!
Yes, More weeding! woo HOO!
We make it fun, so c'mon down!

Our Happy Block: 8040 SE Woodstock BLVD
Thursday, FEB 28th at 4:00pm

Lea and Robert, from Calvary Lutheran, hard at work!

Feb 20, 2013

This Sunday...come lend a helping hand!

Stop by Our Happy Block this Sunday for a little bit of weed picking.
Hey, I will get some coffee for your fuel!

Sunday February 24th
 8040 SE Woodstock BLVD

possibly a Lion's Eye visit afterwards?

Come on down folks!!!!
~with love, Terah Beth