Mar 8, 2012

Calls to police cut by 57%

Crime Statistics:
I want to share some great news with you!
Since Our 'Happy Block' project broke ground....
calls to police have been cut by
We went from 137 calls to police to 59.
(number of calls to police in 1-year concerning activity within a 500-foot radius of our project)

(See the statistics, in detail, at the bottom of this post)

......If you see anything that is suspicious and not an emergency, please call the non-emergency police line at 503-823-3333

This is the best way to keep crime rates down in our neighborhood.
*Also, It's time to get our hands dirty again:
The weeds are beginning to sprout in our new landscape, if you have time to stop by and pull up some of those pesky weeds that would be great!

I will probably organize a day where we can tackle the weeding as a group, but please (if you can) stop by and pull some weeds in the mean time!

Ken and Terra Zittenfield, 2 important Our Happy Block Volunteers

Crime statistics for the area of SE 80th and Woodstock (with a 500 foot radius)

  From July 2009 through July 2010:
A total of 137 Calls for Service (to police)
• 45% (62 calls) were emergency high priority calls
• 18 calls involving a disturbance
• 14 calls involving suspicious activity or a suspicious subject
• 10 calls involving fights, assaults or harassment
• 9 calls involving burglary or theft
• 3 calls involving prostitution related activities
• 3 calls involving vandalism
From February 2011 through February 2012:
Total Calls: 59 calls (18 priority)
11 calls involving a disturbance
2 calls for burglary
4 calls for assault
2 calls for vandalism
6 traffic accidents
4 theft calls
3 calls for stolen or recovered vehicles
1 call for fraud
16 calls for misc "other" -- which includes suspicious persons, area checks, threats, etc.

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