Jan 7, 2011

East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District


We'd like to THANK EMSWCD for awarding Our Happy Block with their SPACE grant!
We were awarded $1,500 for Native Plant Gardens along SE Martins Street!

This grant will enable us to plant natives in the newly formed planting strip just south of the church parking lot and along the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot.  These funds will go toward Project 2, explained below.

  • Project 1: Street Tree Planting- 29 new street trees (along SE Woodstock & SE Martins St) through Friends of Trees (we raised money to pay for trees through Community yard sale and McCollum Automotive, plus Friends of Trees worked within our budget. Thanks FOT!)
  • Project 2:  Removal of (2) Driveway Approaches connecting Calvary’s church parking lot to SE Martins Street and pour a new sidewalk and new street curbs. This will create new landscape opportunities and, by removing the driveway approaches, will stop stormwater from entering SE Martins Street from the southern portion of the parking lot (approx 6,400 S.F.)

    -Portland Development Commission's Community Livability Grant ($5,000) funded the removal of the driveway approaches and the pouring of new sidewalk and street curbs. Thanks PDC!

    EMSWCD Space Program Funds ($1,500) will be used to Amend, Plant (natives where possible) and Mulch newly defined landscape areas. Also funds will be used to rent de-sod and rototill tools and to pay someone to operate these machines.
  •  Project 3: Community Mural on McCollum Automotive’s Wall. (SE Uplift Graffiti Abatement Grant:  $2,250 to pay for permits, artists, paint, sealant and lighting. early Summer 2011) Thanks SE Uplift!
  • Project 4: Remodel a 17,000 SF impenetrable parking lot. This project will further improve soil/water/air quality, watershed health and wildlife habitat. This parking lot  sheds 379,000 gallons of stormwater run-off per year to SE Woodstock BLVD and SE Martins Street before entering Portland‘s sewer system.  We will depave a portion of the lot and  manage all stormwater onsite while restoring natural habitat.
    (We will apply for EMSWCD PIC Grant, Jan 2011.)  Plus, DePave has committed to the depaving and hauling away of asphalt  for this project.

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