Oct 4, 2010

DePave is officially involved in our Project!

DePave is bringing $4,190 to the project and $4,000 of volunteer in-kind donations for work parties (work parties will involve depaving & planting)

This is exciting news...because DePave is very experienced with turning 'Parking Lots into Paradise.' and who doesn't want that?
Depave has been created to inspire and promote the removal of unnecessary concrete and asphalt from urban areas. Depave is a project of City Repair, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon.
We'd like to thank Ted Labbe, at DePave, for his interest in O.H.B.'s mission.

See the Grants & Donations Page to see the money we've raised to sustainably uplift our community!
So far we've raised $12,088! WOW!